Narcissistic Behavior in The Little Foxes Film

By | February 26, 2017

In our review of narcissistic behavior in The Little Foxes film we will show movie clips to illustrate traits and behaviors of the narcissist, wife and mother Regina Hubbard Giddens, and her victims, husband Horace Giddens and daughter Alexandra. We also cover the movie’s soundtrack, the storyline, some of the main narcissistic traits and behaviors in this movie, how to recognize them, and some quotes.

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Regina displays the selfishness, greed and malevolence that characterizes her aristocratic family from the south in the early 20th-century. Her husband, Horace, has a severe heart condition. Her brothers, Ben and Oscar, try to have Horace invest $75,000 to complete the sum needed to build a cotton mill in their small town where they are scheming to exploit the poor people with cheap labor.

Oscar proposes that his son Leo and Regina’s daughter Alexandra get married in order to get the money, but Horace and Alexandra are disgusted about the idea and refuse. Horace denies Regina the money for the project with her brothers that she bluntly asks from him. She then tells him that he will die soon anyway and that she is looking forward to that. Alexandra overhears this and is very upset. She comforts her father afterwards.

HOW TO Narcissist in The Little Foxes Film - Regina Hubbard Giddens

Regina Giddens in The Little Foxes

The two brothers Ben and Oscar tell Leo, who works at the bank, to steal Horace’s railroad bonds. When Horace discovers the theft of his bonds, he informs Regina. She understands that her brothers and Leo are the perpetrators and schemes to blackmail her brothers about their theft.

Horace then intends to change his will to have Alexandra be the only inheritor except for the railroad bonds which he says he freely lent to Leo. This way Regina could not blackmail her brothers.

Oscar’s wife, Birdie, who is being misused and maligned by him and in her misery has become an alcoholic, has the courage to tell Alexandra not to marry Leo with his bad character. Oscar overhears her talk partly and punishes her harshly.

After Horace finally confronts Regina about her and her brothers’ dirty tricks, she takes revenge against him through an act of extreme heartlessness; when he has a heart attack, she does not go upstairs to get his medicine. Horace then goes by himself but collapses on the stairway. He dies soon after that. Regina subsequently starts blackmailing her brothers.

Alexandra hears her mother’s malicious conversation with her brothers and confronts her about her role in her father’s death. Regina denies any wrongdoing. Alexandra decides to leave the house to join David, a newspaperman. Regina now has her wealth, but no one to be with her anymore.


The Narcissists

  1. Wife and mother, Regina Hubbard Giddens, played by Bette Davis
  2. Regina’s brothers, Ben and Oscar Hubbard, played by Charles Dingle and Carl Benton Reid
  3. Oscar’s son, Leo Hubbard, played by Dan Duryea


The Victims

  1. Husband Horace Giddens, played by Herbert Marshal
  2. Daughter Alexandra, played by Teresa  Wright
  3. The poor people in their small town


Movie Clips


Narcissistic Traits and Behaviors of Regina Hubbard Giddens

Masking as a charming, handsome woman, Regina portrays one of the most nasty and villainous characters in movie making history. Throughout the film she exemplifies many malignant narcissistic traits and behaviors, including extreme greed, scheming, conspiring, back-stabbing, blackmailing, and exploitation.

In this clip, we watch how a shameless Regina horribly mistreats her estranged husband Horace. When she accuses him of  hating to see anybody and hating to think he wants to be alive, she uses projection –projecting her own hatred and death wish onto him– one of the four classic. narcissistic defense mechanisms.

Even when Horace confronts her with her and her brothers’ dirty tricks to make a dime over the backs of the poor people in town, she makes no attempt to deny it and shows no sign of remorse. Instead, she continues her brazen, icy cold death spell: “I hope you die. I hope you die soon. I will wait for you to die!”


All Narcissistic Traits Categorized in 12 Groups around a Clock

We discovered that each narcissistic trait and behavior can be categorized under one of twelve main groups, which we call The Twelve Faces of the Beast ™ of Malignant Narcissism.

In our video course Mastery Over Madness – Part 1, we explain the narcissistic traits of each of these twelve groups and how they relate to what we call The Six Axes of Evil ™.

The twelve groups and the six axes of evil, including the four classic defense mechanisms, are all charted on a clock. For more information on how to recognize all narcissistic traits and behaviors and how to access our video course, go to: Course Mastery Over Madness – Part 1


How to Recognize Regina’s Narcissistic Traits and Behaviors on the Clock

Regina’s disdain, contempt and sarcasm towards her husband are part of the 12 o’clock group of behaviors. Her inner shameless denial of any wrongdoing and lack of remorse are part of the 6 o’clock group. Together these traits are part of the 12-6 axis of evil.

Regina’s hatefulness, malevolence, and ruthlessness are part of the 1 o’clock group of behaviors. Her focus on appearance, good looks, pride, and status are part of the 7 o’clock group. Together these traits are part of the 1-7 axis of evil.

Regina’s extreme greed, scheming, conspiring, and blackmailing are part of the 5 o’clock group. Her taking revenge after her husband confronts her about her scheming and conspiring with her brothers is part of the 11 o’clock group of behaviors. Together these traits are part of the 5-11 axis of evil.



“Take [catch] us the foxes,
The little foxes that spoil the vines.
For our vines have tender grapes.”
–Song of Solomon 2:15

“Little Foxes have lived in all times, in all places. This family happened to live in the deep south in the year 1900.”

“Why, Alexandra.  You have spirit after all.  I used to think you were all sugar water.” –Regina

“Oscar, you should know me well enough by now to know I don’t ask for things I don’t think I can get.” –Regina

“I hope you die. I hope you die soon. I will wait for you to die!” –Regina



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