Narcissistic Behavior in The Last King Scotland Film

By | February 25, 2017

In our review of narcissistic behavior in The Last King Scotland film we will show movie clips to illustrate traits and behaviors of the narcissist, Ugandan dictator General Idi Amin, and his victims, Amin’s personal physician and trusted advisor, Nicholas Garrigan, and the youngest of Amin’s three wives, Kay Amin. We also cover some of the movie’s soundtracks, the storyline, some of the main narcissistic traits and behaviors in this movie, how to recognize them, and some quotes.

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A young Scottish physician, Nicholas, is looking for adventure and joins a medical team in Uganda. After a car accident Nicholas medically treats the charismatic General Idi Amin and becomes his personal physician and soon his trusted advisor.

When time goes by Nicholas witnesses the increasing paranoia and cruel murdering by Amin and starts to realize that he is a genocidal dictator responsible for killing anyone who goes against his will.

HOW TO Narcissist in The Last King Scotland Film - Idi Amin

Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland

When treating an epileptic son of the youngest of the three wives of Amin, Kay, who was ostracized by Amin, Nicholas and Kay form a relationship. She tells Nicholas to leave Uganda to escape Amin. The British Foreign Office is willing to help Nicholas if he uses his position to assassinate Amin, but Nicholas refuses.

Kay becomes pregnant with Nicholas’ child and seeks out a primitive abortion in a nearby village, but gets caught and arrested by Amin’s forces. When Nicholas finds her dismembered corpse, he is finally confronted with the inhumanity of Amin and decides killing him will end his cruel regime.

Nicholas plans to poison Amin while pretending he is giving him pills for a headache. His plot is discovered by Amin’s minions. They torture Nicholas in gruesome ways, but during an unguarded moment one of Nicholas’s medical colleagues, Dr. Junju, rescues Nicholas and helps him to escape by boarding an airplane. Dr. Junju is killed by Amin’s men in retaliation for his heroic deed.

The drama in this movie is partially based on a true story. In the epilogue we see real footage of dictator Amin and the figure of 300,000 people that died under his malignant narcissistic regime of terror.


The Narcissist

Ugandan dictator General Idi Amin, played by Forest Whitaker.


The Victims

  1. Amin’s personal physician and trusted advisor, Nicholas Garrigan, played by James McAvoy.
  2. The youngest of the three wives of Amin, Kay Amin, played by Kerry Washington.
  3. Many people that are brutally murdered under the dictatorial regime of Amin.


Movie Clips


Narcissistic Traits and Behaviors of Idi Amin

In the first clip we see a magnetic Amin on stage addressing a large admiring and cheering crowd. His inner cruelty and ruthlessness and the future brutal nature of his bloody regime hidden by his charisma and grandiosity, Amin easily dominates his audience.

In the second clip we observe how Amin is visibly impressed with Nicholas’ assertiveness when he suddenly grabs Amin’s gun to shoot a loud mooing, suffering cow. However, the uncanny Amin uses the situation to intimidate and appear angry and threatening towards Nicholas.

Nicholas fears punishment while Amin questions him about his nationality. After Nicholas tells him he is from Scotland, Amin, in his unpredictable mean/sweet-face manner,  suddenly turns on his charming, persuasive nature, and manipulates a largely naive Nicholas into doing his bidding.


All Narcissistic Traits Categorized in 12 Groups around a Clock

We discovered that each narcissistic trait and behavior can be categorized under one of twelve main groups, which we call The Twelve Faces of the Beast ™ of Malignant Narcissism.

In our video course Mastery Over Madness – Part 1, we explain the narcissistic traits of each of these twelve groups and how they relate to what we call The Six Axes of Evil ™.

The twelve groups and the six axes of evil, including the four classic defense mechanisms, are all charted on a clock. For more information on how to recognize all narcissistic traits and behaviors and how to access our video course, go to: Course Mastery Over Madness – Part 1


How to Recognize Amin’s Narcissistic Traits and Behaviors on the Clock

Amin’s cruelty, brutality, ruthlessness are part of the 1 o’clock group of behaviors. His need to be admired and desire for glory and fame are part of the 7 o’clock group. Together these traits are part of the 1-7 axis of evil.

Amin’s magnetism, charisma, grandiosity, manipulation and domination, are part of the 3 o’clock group. His deceptive behavior by creating a false image of himself and false promises about the future of Uganda are part of the 9 o’clock group of behaviors. Together these traits are part of the 3-9 axis of evil.



 “Scottish?! Why didn’t you say so?” –Idi Amin

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